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Assign to a class (with edits).

Unlock internet gold each time you score 100% on a quiz.
If you're a teacher, your students will unlock internet gold in the same way, with any quizzes you post or repost.

Pindex is seeking Editors for popular open boards.

If you're a teacher, professor or enthusiast with a passion for particular subjects, we'd love to hear from you. We're assigning editors to popular open boards (many with over 10000 followers) to help build and refine a rich media encyclopedia.
You'll be credited as an editor on open boards and we'll try to feature some of your own boards. It's currently unpaid, except in appreciation from people who share your passion - teachers, students and curious minds all over the world. If you'd like to help, please contact

You can now post to most featured boards.

Most of the boards featured on the pindex homepage are now open to contributions from anyone. You can add great videos, images and links, helping to create a rich media encyclopedia.
To post, open a board and click the blue + button at the top.
You will be credited for the post, with a link to your profile. Please list any social links (eg twitter) in your bio (via the settings page), so people can find out more about you.
Open boards you contribute to will appear in a new section on your profile page, below any boards you create and follow (note there may be a small delay).
There are various safeguards in place to avoid material that's unsuitable for younger learners.
We're looking forward to working with you on an exciting new rich media encyclopedia.

Pindex is growing fast.

The Pindex community has grown 300% in our second month. The enthusiasm from educators is wonderful. We know you're driven by the same passion to inspire a love of learning and it's a real joy for us to help in our small way.
We're working on some changes to highlight some of the great boards you have created. And we'll be adding more original and curated material - primarily Science, English and History.
Thanks for all the kind feedback and ideas - please keep in touch at


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