Chemical and Allied Industries

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Carbon Compounds

Carbon is an element of immense significance in both its elemental and combined form. We are surrounded by compounds made up of carbon and its substituents. The list given below illustrates the importance of carbon compounds in our daily life:

- Foods [starch, sugar, fats, vitamins, proteins]
- Fuels [wood, coal, alcohol, petrol]
- Household and commercial articles [paper, soap, cosmetics, oils, paints]
- Textile fabrics [cotton, wool, silk, linen, rayon, nylon]
- Drugs and disinfectants [penicillin, quinine, aspirin, sulfa drugs]
- Poisons [opium, strychnine]
- Perfumes [vanillin, camphor]
- Explosives [nitroglycerine, dynamite, picric acid, TNT]
- Dyes [indigo, congo red, malachite green]
- War gases [mustard gas, chloropicrin, lewisite]